The Iconic Red lipstick looks for different occasions


Nudes are subtle, pink is feminine, purple is bold but red shades are for all occasions. This timeless color has been a symbol of power, class, elegance, and freedom. It comes in a variety of tones and intensities that are suitable for all kinds of occasions.

Therefore, we came up with some of the iconic red lipstick pairings for any event. So, get ready to wear red all season long!

Perfect Kissable Date Look- French Red

Choose a neutral-colored outfit that draws attention to your face. Black dresses and red lips are a match made in heaven. As for finishing touches, high heels, a small and sleek clutch, and some light jewellery will do nicely. French Red- Orgasmic Beauty lipstick from Belora can be your perfect match for your perfect date.

Glam Night Out Look- Vintage Red

A glam night out makeup needs a little touch of glitters, bold & bright red color of lipstick. Silk dress with high heels will make you look gorgeous because it has the perfect amount of pop and shine to make you stand out. Vintage Red- This is the perfect color from the Leave No Evidence Collection to wear for a night out with your friends or a night cocktail party!

For A Gala Wedding- Ruby Crush

With a red lip you can look your best for everything the wedding season requires of you. Choose an Indian festive outfit and wear your best traditional jewelries.  Ruby Crush- For those special occasions that demand nothing but smashing red on your lips.

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