Have you noticed what’s in your makeup? Here’s what you need to know before buying it!


Makeup helps in enhancing your appearance and it also makes you look perfect in photos. BUT is it protecting your skin? Because today makeup is not only there to enhance your features but is now touted as a multitasker. The pandemic has made consumers more conscious of their choices and is now looking for products that won’t compromise the health and vitality of their skin. What if we told you that Belora Cosmetics products also offer skincare benefits? That’s right! All the products of Belora Cosmetics are dermatologically tested, vegan certified and FDA approved. They only launch products after they are certified Made Safe by an Australian authority. This means that all the products are made with safe/ good-for-your-skin ingredients which help in protecting your skin. Here’s our edit of only Base (face) makeup products by Belora Cosmetics.

Protective Primer - Prime Naturelle

This primer is not only meant to mattify your skin, but it’ll also hydrate your face. Contains Vitamin C, E, and B for skin protection, hyaluronic acid to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, and aloevera to give your skin a fresh feeling. It also has a unique formula from Paris which helps it to work as both Primer and Moisturizer.

Beauty Balm - BB Cream Naturelle

Those who do not prefer wearing foundation every day can opt for BB creams that correct uneven skin tone and conceals minor flaws. BB Cream Naturelle is formulated with natural ingredients like Hyaluronic and Mulberry that keep your skin hydrated for hours and its natural formulation helps you achieve a radiant smooth glass-like finish instantly. Not just that, its BlueShield technology protects your skin against the sun’s harmful effects and provides an SPF of 30.

Long lasting Moisturization - Illuminating Moisturizer

Nothing can replace moisturizer; you have to wear it every single day. Belora Illuminating moisturizer is an all-season moisturizer that gives a light, rich feeling. Powered by real Nanogold, this light-weight illuminating moisturizer nourishes, hydrates vitalize skin, improves its firmness, elasticity, accelerates blood circulation & delays the ageing process. What’s more, it helps revitalize & restore skin that has been harmed by harsh chemicals. AHAs & fruit exact brighten up the skin, reduce pigmentation, deeply moisturize & help with a glowing, youthful & radiant appearance. Order yours now to get that glowing and healthy skin. Because your skin deserves some Belora Love.


  • Posted on by Swapna Manoj
    Bought your product alphonso turmeric latte mask. Its awesome. Thanks a lot….
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    Lovely writing with some comprehensible & user oriented tips and tricks! Looking forward to reading a lot more of your informative blogs!
  • Posted on by Himanshi Singh

    Skincare benefits with makeup products?? Sounds great 😍

  • Posted on by Madhavi Manushree
    Very informative ! Can’t wait to stock up on bellora ! ❤️
  • Posted on by Merina
    So Informative :) liked it alot, really looking forward to buy illuminating moisturizer.

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