Your Guide to the “No Makeup” Makeup look!

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We are often wowed by the more natural, out of your bed #nomakeup posted often by celebrities & influencers. Everyone looks radiant, blessed with natural beauty & radiant. While some people are genuinely blessed by nature, today we are going to share a secret of how you can look like a ‘natural beauty’ even if your skin is not co-operating & making you look tired. Here are a few simple steps. 

First, always prime your face, ideally with a primer that also hydrates your skin. 

Prep your skin with proper skincare, always. Your skin will only take care of you if you take care of it. Simple rule. Use cleanser, toner and serum and moisturiser that work with your skin type and that address your skin concerns. Ideally, consult a dermatologist, especially as you age or have any hormonal changes as your skin changes with it too, & so do your skincare requirements. We will do a detailed blog on skincare regime later.

Now it’s Prime Time! Primer before applying any makeup creates that extra layer between your skin and products, offering up a smooth surface that helps the makeup stay put and last longer. If your primer has hydration quality, like ours do it will also improve your skin appearance and act as a barrier against any harmful toxins. 

Conceal the deal. 

If you want a more natural look, use BB cream for soft radiant coverage instead of a strong foundation base. For the areas that require attention, use concealer. For under eyes, use a shade lighter that will make you look bright and awake! For concealing blemishes, go for a heavier concealer. 

Natural-looking & healthy brows

Use your toothbrush to define & shape them. Then use eyebrow pencil or gel to shape them or add volume where required. Brush the brows upwards, to get a lift. Use the colour closer to your natural eyebrows. 

Highlight & blush those gorgeous cheeks

A soft pink blush gives a natural healthy appearance. Using a small amount, start on the apple of the cheek and blend upwards. You can add highlighter on the highest points of the cheekbone to create an illusion of a natural lift and glow.


Your kissable lips

Now this is tricky. You want some colour but the key is to play with the right nudes and light pinks to get a more natural looking lip colour to create the illusion of a perfect No Makeup face! 

Voila, here’s your No Makeup” Makeup look.

Pro Tip: The best way to do makeup is to blend, blend & blend. Not blending well leaves harsh lines and often makes you look older & not natural.

 Stay healthy, stay stylish,

Team Belora


1 comment

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