Serum 10% Lactic Acid

Instant party glow
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10% Lactic acid serum - Brightens ,soothes & evens skin tone 

Lactic acid is a chemical exfoliant that belongs to the AHA family, which gently exfoliates dead skin cells and boosts cell turnover, making your skin firm. Treats hyperpigmentation and fades out age spots and appearance of wrinkles and enlarged pores.

1% Glycolic acid - Fights acne & exfoliates dead cells

Glycolic acid reverses the damage caused by external exposure, improves skin texture and fights acne. Being an AHA, it gently exfoliates the top layer of your skin, & reduces visibility of wrinkles.

Orange peel oil - Exfoliates and stops premature ageing

Orange peel is an acne fighter, its antibacterial properties effectively treat acne and soothes skin. Due to reducing properties, it acts as a tonic and controls oil production. The abundance of antioxidants helps in preventing and stopping premature ageing.

Oatmeal Extract - Soaks up excess oil

Oatmeal extract present in the serum helps soak up all the excess oil produced by your skin, that clog your pores, & helps to restore the microbial balance. It promotes prebiotic function, making your skin look healthy and supple.

Good to know:
ultra-light texture
zero fragrance
visible results
for all genders
for all skin types
Made Safe certified I Dermatologically tested I Vegan I Non-toxic I Cruelty free.

Be the glow getter with Serum Great Glow Grand Eclat. It is formulated with Vegan Lactic Acid 10 %, HA 1%, Glycolic Acid, Betain & Oatmeal. Lactic is one of the mildest acids, suits all skin types, and is best for beginners in the world of acids. The serum is designed to make the skin smooth, glow, and even the skin’s texture. Being a gentle formula, it removes dead skin cells without causing any irritation. There is also Hyaluronic Acid in this formula to provide hydration to the skin. Suitable for both men and women and is good for all skin types. 

Promise of Safety

Promise to never use 2000 ingredients listed under “Bad Stuff” as per the latest guidelines from European Union & EWG, USA. Always made without Mineral Oil, Alcohol, harmful Silicone, Paraben, Talc or Artificial Fragrances.

Made Safe Certified

All our products are certified by Made Safe. This means all our products are made with safe ingredients only. In fact, Belora is the first makeup brand to be certified Made Safe across Europe and Asia.

Key Ingredients: Lactic Acid (Vegan) 10 % + HA 1% + Glycolic Acid + Betain + Oatmeal

Net content- 30 ml

Expiry Date- 3 years from the date of manufacturing

Apply 2-3 drops onto dry skin after cleansing, ideally in the pm. Avoid contact with eyes. Use your fingertips to spread it evenly across your face until absorbed. For optimal results, follow it up with a moisturizer and a sunscreen.
Serum 10% Lactic Acid
₹ 699.00
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