Arabica Latte Mask

Radiant Glow | Smooth Skin
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Arabica Latte Mask is a spa in a jar, you can indulge in the aromatherapy of the rich arabica coffee while this mask does the magic on your skin. Coffee isn't only for the aroma but it's full of detoxifying agents that help treat acne and boosts cell regeneration. While the clay in the mask absorbs the excess oil and unclog pores to brighten up your skin. Other active ingredients present in the mask will maintain the skin moisture and bring out the underlying glow.
  • Brings out a radiant glow
  • Removes dead cell & helps helps in cell regeneration
  • Treats acne & fades blemishes
  • Improves skin tone & texture
  • Regulates oil production

Arabica coffee seed powder - Removes dead skin & treats acne

Arabica coffee seed extract acts as a natural detox for your skin, acting as an exfoliant, it helps treat acne, age spots, blemishes and regenerate skin cells. Super rich in antioxidants, it helps fight radical damage caused by external exposure. 

Niacinamide - Improves uneven skin tone

Niacinamide helps brighten up skin imperfections & brings out radiant glow. It supports a healthier moisture barrier & regulates sebum production for a less shiny & greasy appearance.

Kaolin clay - Absorbs excess oil

Kaolin is the most gentle clay that exfoliates without being tough on skin. It fights acne and absorbs excess oil or sebum production, leaving skin smoother and clearer. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties it is beneficial to treat irritated skin. It is safe to use on all skin types except dry skin.

Bentonite clay - Detoxification 

Bentonite clay is a detoxifying and antibacterial agent that treats skin diseases, absorbs toxins and improves blood circulation. Minerals present in this clay help delay ageing making your skin smooth, soft and radiant.

Good to know:

Bentonite clay 

Kaolin clay


Arabica coffee 

Good for all skin types 

Made Safe certified I Dermatologically tested I Vegan I Non-toxic I Cruelty free.

Arabica Latte Mask acts as a natural detox, brightens up skin imperfections & brings out radiant glow. This gentle clay mask exfoliates without being tough on skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Its antibacterial properties absorb toxins and improves blood circulation, delaying premature ageing and fighting radical damage.

Aqua, Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, Xanthan Gum, Glycerin, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Citric Acid, Sodium PCA, Niacinamide, Coffee Arabica Seed Powder, Iso Propyl Myristate, Sodium Gluconate, Ethylhexyl Glycerine, IFRA Certified Fragrance.

Net content- 100 gms

Date of expiry- 3 years from the date of manufacturing

After cleansing apply an even layer of mask all over the face and neck avoiding lip and eye area. Leave for 15- 20 minutes until it dries. Rinse it with lukewarm water while gently exfoliating by  massaging in circular motion. 

Arabica Latte Mask
₹ 199.00
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